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Negatives to Digital Images

Negatives Scanned to Image Files

Negative Scanning
Have your negatives digitized so you can use them as images on your computer or as a video to play on your TV, or both.
  • All work is done here in our Indianapolis office. Your negatives are NOT shipped to another company or another state.
  • We can scan many negative sizes including 35mm, 110, 126, medium format and large format.
  • Prices vary based on quantity and negative format. For example, 100 35mm negatives would be $1.09 each. There are NO SETUP CHARGES.
  • Need it FAST? Next day and same day service available.

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Negative Scanning - What we do:
  • Each negative will be scanned and saved as an image file.
  • TIF Files: We scan and work with your images as TIF files to ensure maximum quality. TIF files are uncompressed files and are very large, but this provides a better quality final image.
  • Rotation: We will rotate each image to its proper orientation and flip it (left or right) to the correct side (when possible).
  • Cropping: Each image will be cropped to the edges.
  • Color Correction: Each image will be color corrected to bring out the lost colors. We do this MANUALLY with EACH NEGATIVE. This is not an automated process.
  • Digital Cleaning: Lastly, we will do some light touch-up work in Photoshop.
  • Images: Your final digital images can be saved as JPG or TIF files.

    What's the difference between JPG and TIF files?

    JPG Files TIF Files
    Best for emailing, posting online and basic printing Best for archiving and photo restoration
    Smaller file sizes Larger file sizes
    Viewable with most all image software Not as compatible with consumer software

  • Custom Folder Names: Your images will be placed in folders and each folder will be name with the title subject you choose (100+ per folder). Each image file within that folder will also be named with the same title and an added sequence number at the end for easy reference.
  • Delivery: Once cleaning is complete your digital images are ready for delivery. You can choose:
    • Digital Delivery: We will send you a link to download all your images and store them on your computer (free).
    • USB Drive: Bring in a drive and we will copy your images to it for free, or we can provide one for you (prices vary).
    • Data Disc: We will burn your images to a disc for safekeeping ($8). You can also get additional copies to share with family and friends.
  • Of course, you receive your negatives back too (if you like).


How to prepare your negatives:
  • Try to avoid touching the flat surface of the negatives. This can leave fingerprints.
  • If the negatives are in strips, leave them that way. Do not cut the negatives apart. This will only increase the likelihood of fingerprints.
  • Place the negatives in an envelope (or leave them in the original photo envelope if they are already in there).
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  • If you like, you can group your negatives by year, event or date ranges. Just write the subject on the envelope or put a sticky note on the outside of the envelope.
  • If you are shipping your order, we recommend placing all the envelopes in a large zippered bag to protect them during shipment.