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Video Tapes to DVD

Transfer your outdated tapes to DVD

Video tapes can deteriorate over the years, even to the point that the video and audio are gone. Don't lose your home video memories! Have MVP transfer them to DVD!
Video to DVD
Here's what we do:

  • All the work will be done here in our Indianapolis office. The people you meet here will be the same people working on your DVDs, so feel free to ask questions.
  • We will convert any size order, whether you have one tape or hundreds.
  • We will time all your videos to determine the proper recording speed to maintain the best quality conversion.
  • Your videos will be recorded on quality DVD discs.
  • We will give you an estimated completion date. Often for small orders, we can complete it within two business days.
  • Got a deadline? Let us know when you need it and we will do whatever we can to meet your schedule.

Want your videos digitized into files? Get your videos on a USB drive or hard drive. Video Tapes to MP4 Files Digital files allow you to edit, copy and share your videos easier.

free disc printing

Here's what you get:

  • Each DVD will include automatic chapter points allowing you to scan through your DVD quickly and easily.
  • DVDs will be printed (no labels). We can add a title and include dates or other important information.
  • Each DVD includes a slim, space-saving disc case to protect the disc.



discount coupons
  • One tape (up to two hours) on DVD is $12.95 (for most common formats).
  • We offer a discount if you would like us to combine shorter tapes to one DVD. If you have shorter tapes that fit on one DVD, we discount the rate for each additional tape. Each additional tape added to the same DVD is only $8 (total time must be no more than two hours).


We can convert and transfer:
  • VHS to DVD
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  • 8mm to DVD
  • MiniDV to DVD
  • VHS-C to DVD
  • Digital8 to DVD
  • Betamax to DVD
  • SVHS to DVD
  • Hi8 to DVD
  • Hard drive camcorders to DVD
  • Betacam / SP to DVD
  • 3/4" U-matic to DVD
  • Media cards (SD, MS, etc.) to DVD

Repair of Video Tapes and Audio Cassettes

Got a broken tape? We can repair it.
Video tape repair

Broken tapes are like lost memories. You think you know what's on them, but can't view them or listen to them. Don't let those old analog memories disappear. Whether it's a broken VHS tape or an audio cassette, we can repair it and convert it to a digital format.

We can repair your tapes: VHS, 8mm, MiniDV, Betamax, VHS-C video tapes and many more. Prices are $9 and up. Whether the tape is broken and needs to be spliced, or you have a broken part or shell, we can repair your tape to get it working again.

Bring us your tapes and we will give you an estimate for your repairs.


International Video Conversion

International Video Conversion

Not all countries have the same broadcast and video standards.

We can convert DVDs and VHS video tapes from other countries (PAL, SECAM) to the American system (NTSC). Bring us your foreign video. We will transfer it to a video file (like MP4 on a USB drive) or a Video DVD, so you can enjoy it!