Our Team


Kimberley Saylor


Kimberley Saylor strives to meet every expectation and then go another level. She finds joy in knowing that what she is doing is important to people in its own special way. "Nothing beats that glowing smile a person has when they watch a particular moment that is special to them." In her free time, you can almost always find her with a camera maybe filming her two cats, or maybe her wonderful husband. Her second pastime includes posting, befriending, tweeting, tagging, and updating.

College: Ball State University
Favorite Project: Cummins training video
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy
Secret Ambition: To write a fantasy novel
Favorite Color: Green


Craig Purdum

Operations Manager

Craig Purdum has been with MVP since nearly the company's founding. In addition to corporate productions, he maintains the company website, and handles product development and training. He designs methods and systems to increase efficiency, while always determined to give each client what they need and within their budget. He enjoys the challenge of unique projects and telling the story from a different viewpoint. "The American Senior Communities videos focus on the caring and compassionate nature of people. These productions are heartwarming and inspirational for the audience, and for me."

College: Purdue University
Favorite Project: ASC Quest for Excellence
Favorite TV Show: Deadliest Catch
Favorite Food: Asian
Favorite Graphic Artist: M. C. Escher


Wilson Diebold


A lover of retro media, nothing makes Wilson Diebold more excited than the chance to help preserve history. "A lot of media we receive hasn't been seen by their families in decades. Being able to help them see it again after all these years is really heartwarming." Away from work, you can find him collecting retro video games, playing 60's songs on his guitar, and keeping his mischief-making pet parrots out of trouble.

College: Ball State University
Favorite Project: Indianapolis Library Archiving
Favorite Movie Genre: Spaghetti Westerns
Favorite Band: Simon & Garfunkel
Favorite Cuisine: Japanese