Vinyl Records to Digital File on USB and CD

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Records to Digital

1. Digitizing includes:
  • Audio cleaning to remove crackles and pops
  • Choice of MP3 or WAV files
  • Custom file name(s) based on media
  • No minimum order
  • $24 per record


2. What would you like back?
  • USB Drive - $12 (all files)   Most Popular  
  • Digital Download - $12 (all files)
  • CD - $7 each
Audio Delivery Options


Includes both sides of record. Other file formats available. Need it FAST? Expedited orders accepted.

Audio Tapes to CD


Your Old Records Become Digital Memories - All Work Done In-House!

Vinyl Records Converted Into the Digital World


As classic as the suit and tie, LP vinyl records are a great way to listen to vintage music with amazing quality. However, if you don't have a turntable or want to take records on the go, you're out of luck. With our help, you can preserve that timeless music and play it anywhere with a push of a button! Whether you prefer an Audio CD, MP3, or WAV, we've got you covered. Regardless of the record speed (33 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm), we can turn them into something you can still enjoy!

Records to CD


First, we start by physically cleaning your records to remove as much dust as possible. Second, we capture your record into one of our editing systems. Next, we digitally clean the audio to remove and reduce the pops and crackles that normally come with old records. Check out the samples below! These cleaning procedures are done at no extra charge. Lastly, we make your choice of either an Audio CD or MP3 file.


  • Conversion work is done here in our office. Whether you come into our office or mail us your order, take comfort knowing that the people you speak to (or email) will be the same people working on your records.
  • We will convert any size order, whether you have one record or a dozen.
  • We will give you an estimated completion date. Often for small orders, we can complete it within a few business days.
  • Got a deadline? Let us know when you need it and we will do whatever we can to meet your schedule.
  • Please feel free to ask questions. After 35+ years of converting old media, we know a thing or two and are happy to help.

J.K.  5 Stars

"We used Video MVP to transfer a song from a 1969 high school production vinyl album to digital download. Their instructions for the process were complete and easy to follow. We had our download within one day of the album's arrival at their studio. They "cleaned up" the scratchy song and the quality of the download is wonderful. We were extremely pleased with the ease of doing business with them and the final product that we received."

Before Audio Cleaning


After Audio Cleaning

Song performed by Frankie Schenk and Orchestra.

Quick Tips about Audio Files
  • Audio files (MP3 and WAV) can hold hours of content in one file.
  • For recorded music, an individual file can be created for each song. This is dependent on gaps of silence between songs.
  • For live music, individual song files may not be as accurate due to crowd noise.
  • WAV files are higher quality and are recommended if you plan to edit your audio.
MP3 or WAV files

Quick Tips about Audio CDs
  • Audio CDs can only hold about 80 minutes.
  • For recorded music, CD tracks can be added if desired.
  • For voice recordings, we recommend a single track.
  • Audio CD files cannot be copied off and used. However, you can use software to rip the CD and create audio files.
  • CDs can be custom printed with your text and include a space-saving CD case.
Audio CD

Daniel H.  5 Stars

"They are doing an awesome job converting some very old reel-to-reel tape recordings and vinyl albums into digital format (WAV and MP3) so that I can upload them to cloud storage and share them with other members of the choir that made the recordings in the 1960's and 1970's."