Audio Cassettes to Digital File on USB and CD

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Audio Tapes to Digital

1. Digitizing includes:
  • Audio cleaning to remove tape hiss
  • Choice of MP3 or WAV files
  • Custom file name(s) based on media
  • No minimum order
  • $17 per cassette


2. What would you like back?
  • USB Drive - $12 (all files)   Most Popular  
  • Digital Download - $12 (all files)
  • CD - $7 each
Audio Delivery Options


Standard audio cassettes up to 120 minutes per tape. Tapes over 80 minutes will require an additional CD due to format limits. Need it FAST? Expedited orders accepted.

Audio Tapes to CD


Save Your Audio Tapes and Get Them Digital - All Work Done In-House!

Elizabeth E.  5 Stars

"I had you convert 10 audio tapes. I found such treasures on those recordings! ... These recordings have now been shared throughout my family (parents, siblings, etc) and will be a treasured heirloom: THANK YOU. You may have "just" been doing your jobs, but when doing your job gives back such memories and gifts that people can keep in a more permanent medium, it's a true gift. On behalf of myself and my family – thank you!!!"

Preserve Your Audio Tape Memories!


Remember the days when a cassette was the great new technology? Ask anyone from the 70's and 80's and they'll tell you it was the best way to record audio back then. People recorded special events, local bands, and just family conversations. Unfortunately, those tapes won't last forever. The effects of time can wipe out those memories. Get your audio tapes converted to digital, so you can preserve and share those moments with family and friends.

Audio Tapes to CD


Audio on tape, especially from decades ago, can often use some improvement. We carefully capture the audio from both sides of your cassette. Next, we "clean" your audio. Using software, we reduce and remove the hiss and hum (which is common to most consumer audio tapes) to improve the quality of your final audio. This cleaning process is done at no extra cost. The last step is to create an Audio CD or audio file for USB, based on your preference. Don't forget to get copies to share!


  • Conversion work is done here in our office. Whether you come into our office or mail us your order, take comfort knowing that the people you speak to (or email) will be the same people working on your audio tapes.
  • We will convert any size order, whether you have one tape or hundreds.
  • We will give you an estimated completion date. Often for small orders, we can complete it within a few business days.
  • Got a deadline? Let us know when you need it and we will do whatever we can to meet your schedule.
  • Please feel free to ask questions. Converting old media is our passion and we understand how important your tapes are.

Beverly R.  5 Stars

"I went in and talked to (them) regarding converting cassette tapes of my late husband's Jazz Combo into CD's to give to family and friends as a remembrance. He did an amazing job in a timely manner and even designed a label for the CD and jacket covers that is purely professional. One would have never guessed by the quality of the sound of the CD's that they were taken from old cassettes tucked away in a paper bag. Thank you ... for helping me preserve those precious memories for my family."

Other Audio Formats Converted

Audio Microcassette
Audio Microcassette

These little tapes were often used in personal recorders and home answering machines. They can be used on both sides, have two recording speeds, and hold over an hour of content.

Digital Audio Recorder
Digital Audio Recorder

These small voice recorders did not use tape and early versions did not use cards. They often recorded the audio on internal storage. Sometimes special software is required to convert the saved files. These recorders can potentially hold hundreds of hours.

8-track tape
8-track tape

This classic audio tape was used in the 1960s to early 1980s. Its popularity never reached that of the audio cassette and quickly faded away. 8-track tapes feature four tracks of stereo sound and would continuously loop. Typically, they hold less than an hour on content.

DAT Digital Audio Tape
Digital Audio Tape (DAT)

Digital audio tape was mostly used in professional environments. As the name says, this cassette held digital tape compared to analog tape. The sound quality is superior to standard analog cassettes. Tapes typically held 60 to 120 minutes of audio.

Celina G.  5 Stars

"Amazing digitization of cassette tapes! So prompt!"

Repair of Audio Cassettes and Video Tapes

Don't give up on those memories. We can repair your tapes.
Audio Tape Repair

Broken tapes are like lost memories. You think you know what's on them, but can't view them or listen to them. Don't let those old analog memories disappear! Whether it's a broken audio cassette or a video tape that just won't play, we can repair it and convert it to a digital format.

We can repair your audio cassettes, reel audio tapes, VHS, 8mm, MiniDV, Betamax, and VHS-C video tapes. Whether the tape itself is broken and needs to be spliced, or you have a broken outer shell, we can repair your tape to get it working again. We can also "bake" tapes. Some tapes have playback issues due to stickiness. We can "bake" video and audio tapes to improve the ability to play them.

Bring us your tapes and we will give you an estimate for the repairs.

Quick Tips about Audio Files
  • Audio files (MP3 and WAV) can hold hours of content in one file.
  • For recorded music, an individual file can be created for each song. This is dependent on gaps of silence between songs.
  • For live music, individual song files may not be as accurate due to crowd noise.
  • WAV files are higher quality and are recommended if you plan to edit your audio.
MP3 or WAV files

Quick Tips about Audio CDs
  • Audio CDs can only hold about 80 minutes.
  • For recorded music, CD tracks can be added if desired.
  • For voice recordings, we recommend a single track.
  • Audio CD files cannot be copied off and used. However, you can use software to rip the CD and create audio files.
  • CDs can be custom printed with your text and include a space-saving CD case.
Audio CD