Business Video Productions

Now more than ever, video is the most effective way to advertise and gain exposure for your brand.

Here at MVP, we understand that running a business can be quite the undertaking. Whether your company is just getting off the ground or you have been around for decades like us, video is an essential tool for any business. Are you looking to train and educate new employees? Want to record a company seminar or keynote presentation? Or maybe you would like to introduce your business to consumers with a quick "snapshot" of what you're all about. We can do it all.

Our experienced staff will work with you to help identify the needs of your organization and then establish a game plan to achieve those needs. It's our goal to advance your business in professional, exciting ways. When it comes to producing video for your company, we've got your back. Let us be your video MVP.

COMPANY INFORMATION - This company introduction video allows visitors to meet the staff of this financial firm. Each member of the staff appears in the production and explains what makes their company different. Additional videos include bios of each person to allow potential clients to get to know them better.

COMMERCIAL - When you are a small business, video can be a great way to introduce yourself and your company. This short spot for a home inspection company was designed for Facebook and the company website. Putting a face to the company, explaining what makes this company different, and highlighting their services is the message of this commercial.

SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION - A software company wanted to promote their new product. Using video screen capture, this short video highlighted the benefits of this new online form builder with the ability to communicate with multiple users.

EDUCATIONAL - This informative video is designed for pregnant women and new mothers and fathers to create a healthy environment for their baby. Highlighting important safety tips, this campaign will be shown in doctor's offices and clinics around the state.

PROMOTIONAL - In an industry where it can be difficult to inform customers about what you do, the goal of this video was to introduce the four key services areas offered. Customer testimonials highlight this video, driving home the fact that customer service is second to none.

FACILITY TOUR - Showcasing their new training university, this video was produced as a marketing tool, allowing for interested applicants to see and learn about the facility. The video is a comprehensive tour of the building, presenting the variety of classrooms and equipment students will have access to while attending the university.

COMMERCIAL - This 30-second commercial spot was produced for local and regional hot tub dealers. Working with limited resources, this video was designed to encourage viewers to see a demo of the tubs in action.

RECOGNITION VIDEO - This Employee of the Year video (three segments of 66 total) was produced without a script, similar to a television news package. Residents of the senior community and co-workers made comments and told stories about the individual being recognized for their dedicated and compassionate care. The stories were often heart-warming and touching. Employees and residents served as "talent" and re-created the events.

PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION - Designed to promote a new product, this short video was shot and edited to fit the budget and goals of this small business client. Using a combination of video and stills, the promo shows the product in use while highlighting specific elements which makes it stand out from the competition.

PROMOTIONAL - A local wedding photographer wanted to showcase not only his artistic talent, but also his relaxed, friendly style.

BUSINESS INTRODUCTION - Data collection has never been so fun ... or profitable. This video introduced new customers to the technology and services available.

FACILITY TOUR - An Indiana school group wanted a series of videos to let prospective parents see a tour of their school building, grounds and facilities. This straight-forward video was designed to give basic information about the school and the amenities they offer to their special-needs students.

COMMERCIAL - This promotional spot was designed to encourage attendance at an industry conference. Footage of the event and voice-over created a straightforward video to highlight the benefits of the expo.

PRODUCT DEMO - A local company wanted to promote a series of electronic devices. They needed demonstration videos for their various products that showed the capabilities and functionality of these unique products. These videos appear on numerous electronics websites.

ADVERTISING - A financial planner explains his approach to helping his clients succeed in a confusing and volatile market. Through personal meetings and group seminars, he teaches and guides his clients to a more comfortable investing strategy.