Construction Video Production

Pre-construction and Post-construction Video

For over a decade, MVP has produced affordable, reliable pre- and post-construction videos. Whether video is a requirement in the job specs or you just want to record video to protect from frivolous claims, you can count on MVP.

Every project is different, but safeguarding your company's integrity and bottom line are critical on every job. You want to protect your company from claims suggesting your company damaged personal property, city property or the environment around the project. Common projects are waste water treatments plants, lift stations, sewer replacements, sidewalk replacements, and curb replacements.

MVP can document the pre-construction condition of the properties, landscape, utilities, and buildings surrounding your site. There is no better, irrefutable proof than a Construction Video Survey.

Our services include:
  • Video recorded on professional cameras
  • Wireless microphone to record the documenter's audio descriptions
  • Date and time stamp on the video gives credibility to the authenticity of the footage
  • Your video can be provided on DVD, Blu-ray, or MP4 digital video file
  • An index of key locations referenced by time on screen is also available
  • Travel statewide (charges based on location)

"We've used MVP to shoot pre-construction videos for over the past 6 years. The team at MVP have always been punctual, easy to work with, and willing to work ... throughout the state. Videos are always professionally shot and edited, and readily accepted by engineers and utility directors as official project documents."

- Mike R. (Yelp)

5 Stars

Construction Draw Video

As progress is made on your construction project, you may have to pay a bank officer to journey to the site to verify the stage of construction before they will release the next payment installment. Hire MVP to tape your Construction Draw video. For far less than you would pay your client's bank, MVP will go to the construction site and document the progress of your project.

Pre-construction and Post-construction Video Sample Clips

PRE-CONSTRUCTION SAMPLE - Sidewalk and curb replacement in Osgood, Indiana

POST-CONSTRUCTION SAMPLE - Waste water treatment plant in Whitestown, Indiana