Cards, CDs, DVDs, Phones, Floppy Disks

Convert Data from old media to USB drives

Including phones, floppy disks, SD cards, CDs, DVDs, hard drive camcorders, and more

Floppy Disks, Media Cards, Data Discs

As technology has changes, we all have to change with it, but what about all that old technology? Lots of people still have floppy disks from their first computer or media cards from that old digital camera. Don't lose those files! Get them copied to something you can use.

Bring us your:

  • Data CDs and DVDs
  • Media cards like SD, MicroSD, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, xD, and many more
  • Floppy disks (3.5")
  • Hard drives (internal and external)

We'll copy off those files whether they are images, videos, or documents and put them on a USB drive so you can save them (and get rid of those old media formats taking up space).

Floppy Disks, Media Cards

Myrna M.  5 Stars

"I have given you reviews and recommendations to everyone I know involved in old media and on Nextdoor app as well. I will continue to spread my very positive experience and continue to thank you for all the past work you have done for me and for things still to do. ... Having you put my memories of loved ones in a state where I can see and hear them once more...well, you would have to be my age and my state of life to know what that means. Thank you."

Phone (iPhone and Android)

People record everything on their phones. From videos to photos to voice messages, smart phones are too convenient not to use for recording. However, getting those video files off your phone may be more difficult. Sometimes, extremely difficult. Let us help. If you want to convert that video to another format or just one clip, we can do it. If you want an entire hour-long recording on DVD or Blu-ray Disc, we can handle it. Maybe you just want to backup all the photos and videos, so you know they are safe. You found the right place.

Video Audio Conversion

Paul A.  5 Stars

"I have had both audio and video materials digitized by Video MVP. In every case, the quality has been superb. Not only that, but the staff is courteous, the materials are returned promptly, the files are delivered online, and the price is reasonable. I couldn't be more pleased."