Photo Slideshows on USB, DVD

Custom Photo Slideshows for Any Occasion - Work Done In-House!

Anniversaries, Graduations, Open Houses, Birthdays, Retirements, and More

Photo Slideshow packages include:

  • Photos from as few as 50 and up to 500
  • Paper photos or digital images
  • Photo Cleaning and Enhancement to crop, correct color, and remove red-eye
  • Free digital touch-ups
  • Music of your choice
  • Video effects and transitions
  • Choose Video file on USB, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc
  • Package prices start as low as $98


Options you can add to your slideshow:

  • Online preview of your video
  • Digital Download for delivery of your video minutes after completion
  • Include video or audio clips
  • Individual image files of photos on a USB drive
Photo Slideshows

Slideshow Package Pricing

(up to)
Basic 50 4-5 $ 98
Special 100 8-10 $ 158
Remember 150 12-15 $ 208
Celebrate 250 20-25 $ 298
History 500 40-50 $ 508

Every package includes:

  • Paper photos (up to 8x10) or digital images
  • Photo Cleaning and Enhancement to crop, correct color, and remove red-eye
  • Free digital touch-ups (for photos with small folds or marks)
  • Music of your choice (yours or ours)
  • Video effects and transitions
  • Your choice of a Video File on USB, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc as your master video

  • Need it FAST? Expedited orders accepted.

    There should be a movie about the people you love. Most people have hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos of family and friends. A Photo Slideshow is a great way to share them!

    Amy R.  5 Stars

    "This is my second experience with Video MVP. Both have been excellent! My first experience was a project needed on short notice that was tedious and detailed. Video MVP came through and our video was awesome. This experience was just as good. I was able to preview the video and make changes prior to the final production. The video is incredible and will provide a lasting memoir for my son as he graduates high school and moves on to the next phase of his life. Thank you Video MVP! I will definitely recommend you services. Professional. High quality. Efficient."

    Your Photo Slideshow will be edited here in our Indianapolis office.

    Susan B.  5 Stars

    "I had Video MVP put 250 pictures to 6 different songs for my son's graduation. I had High Hopes and Great Expectations for the end product. I was thrilled with the video. It seemed they were able to capture my feelings as they put it all together. Thank you for making a memory to last a lifetime! Love it!"

    Getting Started

    1. Choose the photo package that best fits your needs.
    2. Print the Photo Slideshow Planning Form to help to plan your video.
    3. Choose from three methods to produce your video:
      • Song by Song: Select your first song and determine how long the song lasts. Choose the photos for this song by following this guideline: 10 photos per minute (or 6 seconds per photo). For example, a song of 4:00 would use about 40 photos. These numbers are just a guide. For example, use more images per minute to make the video have a quicker pace or fewer for a slower, more dramatic video. We will edit the length of the photos to fit the music. Repeat for each song.
      • All Songs to All Photos: An easier method is to simply count all your photos and divide by 10. For example, 220 photos divided by 10 equals about 22 minutes of music. Just choose your songs that total somewhere from 20 to 24 minutes, and we will do the rest.
      • Random: Count your total number of photos, and then choose the needed number of songs. We will randomize all your photos to the total length of music you selected. Photos will appear in a random order in the slideshow. This is the easiest method.
      Color correction
    4. Use an ink pen (never a marker or Post-it notes) to number each photo on the back in the lower corner (never in the center). If using Song by Song method, do not start over with #1 at any point. Song #1 could be photos 1 - 40, so Song #2 would be 41 - 87, and so on. If using the All Songs to All Photos method, just number from 1 to your last photo. Be sure to allow the ink to dry before stacking your photos.
    5. Decide if you would like to add titles to your video. Titles can be on a background or over one of your images as a caption.
    6. Decide how many duplications of your slideshow you would like to have to share with family and friends.