Scrapbooks to Digital Images

Scrapbooks, Photo Albums, and Documents Scanned

Preserve your memories with our scrapbook and album scanning services.

  • All services are completed here in our office. Your documents, scrapbooks and photos are NOT shipped to another company or another state.
  • One advantage of scanning the entire page is preserving the hand-written notes that may be written in the album.
  • We will scan each page, up to 12" x 17", at 600 dpi.
  • Need it FAST? Same day service available.
Scrapbook Scanning

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Scrapbook and Album Scanning - What we do:

  • We can scan any document up to 12x17, including report cards, letters, drawings and album pages.
  • The best way to scan a scrapbook or photo album page is to have it loose from the album. Scrapbook and photo album styles vary so this may require disassembling the album.
  • TIF Files: We scan and work with your images as TIF files to ensure maximum quality. TIF files are uncompressed files and are very large, but they are higher quality than JPG files.
  • Prices for scanning can vary based on whether the pages are already loose when submitted, the pages are removable, or if the pages are bound.
  • Note: Scanning pages without disassembling the albums is possible but will not result in the best quality.
  • Cropping: Each image will be cropped to the edges.
  • Images: Your final digital images can be saved as JPG or TIF files.
  • Custom File Names: Your images will be named based on the album title (or title you choose). Also, each file will have an added sequence number at the end for easy reference.
  • Delivery: Once cleaning is complete your digital images are ready for delivery. You can choose:
    • Digital Download: We will upload your image files to a secure location and email you a link so you can download them to your computer. This link is private and temporary, so be sure to save them to your personal storage. $12
    • USB Drive: We can copy your files to a USB thumb drive and return it along with your media. $12
  • There are some limitations on size, condition and how flat each page will lay. There are NO SETUP CHARGES.
Scrapbook Page Scanning

Susan B.  5 Stars

"I received the box of my vintage notes and the flash drive. You did such a great job. I am very excited to have all these beautiful notes digitized and sitting on my computer to read whenever I need an inspiration or just to feel some joy. These notes are from my children and six grandchildren and they span 30 years. So thank you so much."