Photos to Digital Images

Photos Digitized to Image Files

MVP will scan your photos so you can preserve, print, post online or edit on your computer.
Photo Scanning with Cleaning

Photo Scanning with Cleaning


  • 600 dpi scan
  • Cropping and rotation
  • Color correction
  • Light digital touch-up work
  • JPG or TIF files

Up to 8x10. $10 minimum

Raw Photo Scanning

Raw Photo Scanning


  • 600 dpi scan
  • No cropping or rotation
  • No color correction
  • JPG files only

Up to 8x10. $10 minimum

"Excellent job and professional attitude. I was surprised they could improve the image quality of some of these old photos so much. I will use them again for digitizing a bunch of old slides I have from the years I lived overseas."

- Larry N. (Online review)

5 Stars

Your photos deserve the MVP difference.

    Photo Scanning
  • All work is done here in our office. Your photos are NOT sent to another company.
  • Scanning: Each photo is scanned by hand (up to 8x10), will be digitized at 600 dpi, and saved as an image file.
  • TIF Files: We scan and work with your images as TIF files to ensure maximum quality. TIF files are uncompressed files and are very large, but provide a better quality final image.
  • Rotation: We will rotate each photo to its proper orientation.
  • Cropping: Each image will be cropped to the edges.
  • Color Correction: Every photo is color corrected to bring out the lost colors. We do this MANUALLY with EACH PHOTO. This is not an automated process.
  • Digital Cleaning: Lastly, we will do some light touch-up work (photo retouching) in Photoshop.
  • Red-eye Removal: Whenever possible, red-eye will be removed from photos.
  • Images: Your final digital images can be saved as JPG or TIF files.

We also scan and digitize:

Slides to Digital Images Negatives to Digital Files
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Photo color correction


How will the files be named?
What's the difference between JPG and TIF files?
What do I need to do to have you scan my photos?
How do I get the digital images back?
How large a photo can you scan?
Can I ship my photos to you for scanning?
I would like to make a slideshow with music. Can you do that?

"I want to thank you for quickly digitizing old family photos for me. The photos you digitized had been lost for many years and we were able to put them on his (father-in-law) large TV screen. He enjoyed sharing details of the family farm with his grandkids. Your extra effort was appreciated more than I can express."

- Rachel B.

5 Stars

Tips For Archiving Your Photos

  • Remove photos from albums and frames (to avoid special handling charges).
  • Group your photos by year, event or date ranges (if you like), and we will place them in separate folders (minimums apply). We can also scan photos in a specific order (additional fee).
  • If you prefer to just bring in a box of photo, that's fine too. Grouping your photos by size can help protect them from folded corners.
  • Sticky photos? Place a piece of paper on the back to cover the sticky residue. This will protect your other photos from getting sticky when you stack them. This is a very important step if your photos are sticky.
  • Rubber band each group together or use large envelopes.
  • Avoid using paper clips which can scratch the photo's surface.
  • We can also scan the back of photos to preserve handwriting. Simply put a sticky note on the BACK marked "Scan Back". (Never use a Sharpie to write on photos or notes, because the ink can come off on the face of your other photos.)
Photo Tips