Slides to Digital Images

Slides Scanned and Converted to Image Files

MVP will scan each of your slides and create a digital file that you can email, print, or post online.

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Raw Slide Scanning

Slide Scanning to Digital


  • 2400 dpi scan
  • File naming based on groups/carousels
  • JPG files
  • 35mm, 126 sizes only

$10 minimum. Other slides sizes have different rates.

Slide Scanning with Cleaning

Add Image Cleaning and Enhancement

+ 29¢

  • Each slide physically cleaned
  • Cropping and rotation
  • Color correction
  • Red-eye removal
  • Light digital touch-up work
  • JPG files

Slide color correction

Here is a sample of the color correction results of a digitized 35mm slide.

The left side is before color correction and the right side is after. The level of improvement varies, but in general, the resulting digital image will look better than the original slide.

"I have been most pleased with this company in their helpfulness, timeliness, professionalism, and quality of their work. These were priceless family memories from the 1950's-1960's. I still have more items to convert, and look forward to using Movietyme Video Productions again."

- Jeanine & Jim I. (Online review)

5 Stars

What makes MVP different is in the details.

  • All work is done here in our office. Your slides are NOT shipped to another company or another state.
  • Physical Cleaning: Dust is the enemy of slides. Even the smallest particle of dust can look large when scanned at a high resolution. We gently wipe each slide to clean off debris. Though removing all dust is impossible, this physical cleaning allows your images to look their best.
  • Scanning: Each slide will be digitized at 2400 dpi and saved as an image file.

Cleaning and Enhancment

  • Rotation: We will rotate each image to its proper orientation and flip it (left or right) to the correct side (when possible).
  • Cropping: Each image will be cropped to the edges.
  • Color Correction: Each image will be color corrected to bring out the lost colors. We do this MANUALLY with EACH SLIDE. This is not an automated process.
  • Digital Cleaning: We also do some light touch-up work to remove defects in the image.
  • Images: Each digital image will be saved to a JPG file. JPG files are very common with good quality and can be edited, posted, and shared.
Slide Scanning

We also scan and digitize:

Negatives to Digital Images Photos to Digital Files
  Negatives Photos

Slide Types

35mm Slide

35mm Slide

126 Format Slide

126 Format Slide

110 Format Slide

110 Format Slide

Super 127 Slide

Super 127 Slide

3D Stereo Slide

3D Stereo Slide

Medium Format Slide

Medium Format Slide


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