DVD to Digital Files, USB

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Convert Your DVDs to a Video File on USB or Digital Download - Work Done In-House!

DVD to Digital Files

1. Digitizing includes:
  • Converting each DVD title
  • MP4 files for computers and most smart TVs
  • Custom file names based on DVD label
  • Ready for editing and sharing
  • No minimum, 1 or 100, same low price!
  • $20 per DVD


2. What would you like back?
  • USB - $12 and up (all files)   Most Popular  
  • Digital Download - $20 (all files)
Audio Delivery Options


Double-sided discs and Blu-ray Discs are a different rate. Need it FAST? Expedited orders accepted.

Analog Video Tape Conversion

Turn your discs into MP4 files for easy sharing, editing and saving!

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"It's so easy to place an order for digitizing your media. The service is good and fast and the quality excellent."

DVDs are great! Well, they were great. They used to be the standard for video storage. Those days have gone. Most modern laptops don't even have DVD drives. Moreover, Video DVDs are not saved as files you can just copy off. So now what? You have all these DVDs that contain video you still want. Get those old discs converted to video files.

We can convert your DVDs and MiniDVD discs (like the ones from DVD camcorders) to MP4 video files. MP4 files are a high quality, very compatible video format. They will play on PC and Mac computers, as well as many smart TVs.

We'll name each file with the title of your DVD. You can get your files back on a USB drive or via Digital Download. As a file, you'll find it's much easier to edit, store, and share your videos.


Audio Cassettes to Digital and CD

We can convert MiniDVD discs too!

MiniDVD Disc
MiniDVD Disc

This handy little DVD is only 3.15 inches in diameter. It fits directly into the camcorder and could record up to 30 minutes. The discs had to be "finalized" before they were compatible with standard DVD players. MiniDVD cameras were made by Sony, Hitachi, Canon, and Panasonic. There are also two-sided MiniDVD Discs and DVD-Ram discs which look similar.

What if my USB drive doesn't work on my smart TV?