Video Tapes to Digital Files on USB, DVD

Discount for Video Tapes to Digital

VHS, 8mm, VHS-C, MiniDV and more Converted to Digital File or DVD - Work Done In-House!

Video Tapes to Digital File

  • Custom file names based on media
  • MP4 files are PC and Mac compatible
  • Ready for editing and sharing

Get all your files on a USB drive or via Digital Download (additional cost).

Includes VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV, S-VHS, Digital8 and Betamax. Up to 120 minutes per tape. NTSC only. Expedited orders accepted.

Video Tapes to DVD

  • Timing each tape
  • Custom DVD printing
  • Chapters every five minutes
  • Combining of tapes at no extra charge

Additional DVD copies only $7 each!

Includes VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV, S-VHS, Digital8 and Betamax. Up to 120 minutes per tape. NTSC only. Expedited orders accepted.

Get your video tapes converted and enjoy them again!

The Conversion Basics

  • We convert all kinds of video tapes
  • Free custom DVD printing
  • Custom file names based on media
  • Combining tapes on DVD at no extra charge
  • For video files, get them on a USB drive or via Digital Download
  • DVDs have chapters every five minutes
  • Digital video files can be copied and edited
  • Additional copies available
  • Orders can be placed in person or by mail
  • No pre-payment required
  • Quick turnaround times available
Video Tapes to Digital

Rebecca B.  5 Stars

"They have customer service that goes way beyond regular expectations. For the quality of the digital transfer, I'm very happy with the results. They were as good as the original tapes and probably even improved the quality since the tapes were not that clear when played on our old machine. I hope they will be in business a long time because I keep finding old tapes I need to convert. My mom was so happy with the result! We got to see our very beloved Grandma, Grandpa and Great Aunt on the screen again after many years of their passing. This was a precious gift. Thanks guys!!"

THE TAPES (VHS, 8mm, VHS-C, MiniDV, more)

There are so many different types of video tapes. Many are common formats you probably know. However, there are several other types that had some level of popularity back in their time in the sun. Don't worry about what type of tapes you may have. When we see your videos, we will be happy to evaluate what you have an provide you with an estimate for your project.


We understand how important memories are. First, we start by timing your tapes. This allows you the option of combining shorter tapes onto one DVD (if you like). This will help reduce your total number of DVDs, which will save you money when you make duplications. Next, we capture your video to digital. Our goal is to convert your videos with the best quality possible. For your final video, you can choose DVD or video file (MP4), to allow you to enjoy the video memories you may not have seen in decades. DVDs will be custom-printed and video files will be named based on your originals or notes you provide.


  • Conversion work is done here in our office. Whether you come into our office or mail us your order, the people you speak to (or email) will be the same people working on your video, so feel free to ask questions.
  • We will convert any size order, whether you have one tape or hundreds.
  • We will give you an estimated completion date. Often for small orders, we can complete it within a few business days.
  • Got a deadline? Let us know when you need it and we will do whatever we can to meet your schedule.

Common Consumer Video Formats

VHS Video Tape

The T-120 VHS tape was most commonly used for home recording in a VCR. VHS tapes typically were 120 minutes long when full (SP speed). However, there are also LP and EP recording speeds which last 4 and 6 hours respectively. Later, longer VHS tapes were made that were 160 and 180 minutes in SP.

8mm / Hi8 Video Tape
8mm Video Tape

Designed for camcorder use, 8mm and Hi8 cassettes are usually 120 minutes when full. There was an LP recording speed which made the tape 4 hours, but that is much less common. The cassette is about the size of a deck of playing cards. Hi8 tapes were the second generation of this format with improved resolution.

VHS-C Video Tape

The little brother to VHS, VHS-C tapes were designed for camcorders. It is the same video tape, but in a smaller shell. VHS-C had the benefit of fitting into an adapter that would allow playback in a VCR. Standard recording lengths were 30 minutes, but the EP speed allowed for 90 minutes.

MiniDV Video Tape

MiniDV tapes are digital and took the video quality way beyond its analog predecessors. The cassette itself is about the size of a Tic Tac candy box. Standard MiniDV tapes last 60 minutes in SP and 90 minutes in LP.

Digital8 Video Tape

This digital version of 8mm video tapes had the same cassette size, however the camcorder was different. Like MiniDV, Digital8 made is older analog formats jealous of its image quality. Digital8 tapes were 60 minutes when full.


Though these tapes look like average VHS tapes, they are not. VHS tapes recorded in other countries have different video signals like PAL or SECAM (U.S. is NTSC). These tapes are often longer than the typical two-hour VHS in America, but they can still be converted.

Verdaine S.  5 Stars

"Very HAPPY with the service Video MVP provided: Communication 10+ - - - - TURN AROUND TIME 10+ - - - - - EASE OF DOING BUSINESS 10+ - - - - VALUE 10+. Converted tapes we hadn't view in YEARS!!!! Overall a great experience for one I was dreading! THANK YOU!"

Repair of Video Tapes and Audio Cassettes

Got a broken tape? We can repair it.
Video tape repair

Broken tapes are like lost memories. You think you know what's on them, but can't view them or listen to them. Don't let those old analog memories disappear! Whether it's a broken VHS tape or an audio cassette that just won't play, we can repair it and convert it to a digital format.

We can repair your tapes: VHS, 8mm, MiniDV, Betamax, VHS-C video tapes and many more. Whether the tape itself is broken and needs to be spliced, or you have a broken outer shell, we can repair your tape to get it working again. We can also "bake" tapes. Some tapes have playback issues due to stickiness. We can "bake" video and audio tapes to improve the ability to play them.

Bring us your tapes and we will give you an estimate for your repairs.

Video to Digital


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