Wedding Video Add-ons

Customize Your Wedding Experience

Highlight Video

Even though a wedding day is special from start to finish, there will always be those special moments that stick out above all the rest. This edited synopsis of the events and highlights of your wedding day marks the beginning of your video. Special events like arrivals, vows, the cake cutting, and the first dance are always moments people expect to see.

But never forget the little moments as well. Little things like seeing a familiar face for the first time in ages, those moments shared with your grandparents on your wedding day, and special moments happen throughout the whirlwind of the big day. This video helps capture those moments, and keeps them preserved for you to remember for years to come. You'll see why this is one of our most requested options.

Video Teaser

After the wedding is over, and you come home from your honeymoon, it often means a return to work. It may be hard even after such a short time to remember the thrill of the wedding day one life returns to normal. That's exactly why we have created the Wedding Teaser! A short teaser video of your wedding and reception to get you excited about the wedding all over again.

We edit this video within weeks of your wedding and email you the link. You can watch and share the trailer with family and friends. There's no better way to rekindle the excitement for your wedding video than seeing what's in store early.

Photo Love Story

The Photo Love Story is still one of our most popular upgrades, and it can all be completed before the wedding. This video is made with your photos and music, to play at your reception or rehearsal dinner. It chronicles both of your lives from birth to your wedding day. We add video effects and transitions to create a fun, exciting video.

We will guide you about how to prepare your photos and music. However, we love to see your creativity too. Let us know what you have in mind and we can produce your Photo Love Story just the way you like.

Rehearsal Dinner Video

Have a videographer capture all the comments and toasts from your family and friends. The stories told at the rehearsal dinner often are not repeated at the reception. A unique addition to your video.

Other Add-ons (available for most packages)

  • Additional hours
  • Additional cameras
  • Blu-ray discs with custom menus
  • DVDs with custom menus
  • Duplications of USB drives, Blu-ray Discs or DVDs
  • Raw footage